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PM-Essentials is a Reference and Training Site dedicated to helping anyone performing technical Business Analysis and Project/Portfolio Management advance their careers' through certification and the delivery of successful projects which are strategically aligned.

We had four goals for developing this site:

- First, we wanted to provide you with a lot of resources available at your fingertips,
- Second, we wanted the site to be very easy on the eyes and very easy to print,
- Third, we wanted an extremely simple site layout which makes finding things faster, and
- Finally, we wanted to focus our energies on helping you develop your career.

Currently, the site is organized around 9 primary sections:

1. Search,
2. Coaching,
3. Training,
4. Templates,
5. Tutorials,
6. Tools,
7. Terminology,
8. Pioneers, and
9. Articles.

1. Search...You can use the Windows Live Search box to brainstorm ideas and research background information for your project.

2. Coaching...Sometimes you need more than knowledge, sometimes you need another professional to help you remain accountable to your goals.

3. Training...You can receive Industry Standard Training under the core categories: Strategic Planning, Business Analysis, and Project Management.

4. Templates...There are over 200 templates on PM-Essentials to help you get your projects going quickly.

We've organized them into key areas:

1.0 Strategic Planning,
2.0 Business Scorecard,
3.0 The Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF),
4.1 Project Management templates by Knowledge Area,
4.2 Microsoft Project Schedules by group, and

A whole series of Marketing Templates for:
5.1 Situation Analysis,
5.2 Customer Analysis,
5.3 Marketing Strategies,
5.4 International Marketing,
5.5 Marketing Communication,
5.6 Internet Marketing,
5.7 Sales Planning, and
5.8 Sample Marketing Plans.

5. Tutorials...If you are interested in "brushing up," on your Microsoft Project skills, there are 53 tutorials in a portable document, PDF, format. Starting with an introductory overview of Project on the client side, and moving all the way through to advanced level development skills on the Project Server side.

By the way, Templates and Tutorials require a one-time registration to download files. This information is used for INTERNAL TRACKING purposes only, and is NOT SHARED, with outside third parties. Please feel free to read our Privacy Policy when you get the chance.

6. Tools...Microsoft is a software tools company committed to their partner program. As such, there are over 700 complimentary partner products which work with Microsoft Project and Outlook.

Like the Templates section, the Tools section is a "work-in-progress," designed to help you understand the extensibility of both Project and Outlook. There are 22 categories for Project ranging from Business Intelligence to Workflow, and 22 categories for Outlook ranging from Anti-Virus to Telephony. Take a moment to look through the categories, and then send us feedback on the form provided on the page.

7. Terms...There are over 3000 terms, organized alphabetically. These terms, cover both the nine knowledge areas of project management, including integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, hr management, communications management, risk management, and procurement management, as well as, key terms related to Microsoft Project.

8. Pioneers...Bernard of Chartres once stated; "We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness on sight on our part or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size."

Most of the success we achieve in project management can be attributed to the pioneers who took the early arrows. This section identifies a few of the many greats, and is useful for both motivation and direction when the going gets tough.

9. Articles...We are working to provide you with relevant information which can help you develop in your career.

Take a moment now to bookmark PM-Essentials and use it to "jump-start" your next Project.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the site.


The Publishers:

Robert-Charles "Rob" Stokes, PMP,
Richard "Ric" Frederick, PMP, MCP, MSF Practitioner

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