A formal process for accepting delivery of a project or product deliverable after having assured that it meets the stated and/or documented requirements.

Must Read Quality Management books for IT ProjectManagers...

The market leader in quality management, this text isbuilt on the strength and experience of the author team.

Experience as examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige Award,allow both Evans and Lindsay to integrate the framework and essentialcontent of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteriathroughout the text.

This edition continues to provide a manageriallyoriented, integrated view with a blend of pertinent technical topics.

It contains revised, integrated, and more comprehensivecoverage of Six Sigma philosophy, concepts, and techniques.

New chapters on Principles of Six Sigma and Design forSix Sigma are included.

The new edition also has coverage of most of the Bodyof Knowledge (BOK) required for ASQ certification as a CertifiedQuality Manager.

For decades, Juran's Quality Handbook has been the oneessential reference in quality management and engineering-;the ultimateauthoritative source of answers on quality applications, procedures,techniques, and strategies.

Now this Fifth Edition-;a major revision and the firstnew edition of Juran's Quality Handbook in more than 10 years-;forges anew standard in tools for quality.

Bringing managers and engineers the most up-to-datemethods, research, and theory, under the guidance of a team of theworld's top experts, Juran's shows you how to plan for quality, achievequality control, and ensure quality results.

Packed with new methods, research, and thought onquality, and emphasizing the need for quality software and qualitysoftware development methods, this completely updated classic alsogives you new information, new techniques, and new applications.

Broad in scope and inclusive in methodology, Juran'sQuality Handbook is the reference of choice for anyone concerned withquality in business, manufacturing, or engineering.

Whether you're just beginning your journey or alongtime traveler on the quality path, this book is the best possiblecompanion for your voyage.

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