A copy of the project schedule for a particular time (usually before the project is started) that can be used for comparison with the current schedule.


A formally approved version of the project schedule and/or budget that is used as the benchmark for comparing future progress as the project is completed.

A baseline cannot be changed without going through a change approval process.

Usually used with a a modifier (e.g. cost baseline, schedule baseline, performance measurement baseline).


A copy of project information prior to updating a project with progress.

When a baseline is created, current schedule values are copied into their relative baseline ones:

• Tasks (start and finish dates, duration, work, cost, splits). • Resources (work, cost). • Assignments (start and finish dates, work, cost). • Timephased work and cost for tasks, resources and assignments.

This provides a clear comparison about the status of the project; if it is meeting its baseline or not.

Created with the command: Tools..Tracking..Save Baseline.

Interim baselines can also be created to assist in what-if? scenarios.

SOURCE: microsoft project