Vision Scope Document

The Vision/Scope document represents the ideas and decisions developed during the envisioning phase. The goal of the phase, represented by the content of the documentation, is to achieve team and customer agreement on the desired solution and overall project direction.

The Vision/Scope document is organized into four main sections:

1: Business Opportunity: a description of the customer’s situation and needs.

2: Solutions Concept: the approach the project team will take to meet the customer’s needs.

3: Scope: the boundary of the solution defined though the range of features and functions, what is out of scope, a release strategy, and the criteria by which the solution will be accepted by users and operations.

4: Solution Design Strategies: the architectural and technical designs used to create the customer’s solution.

Vision/Scope documentation is usually written at the strategic level of detail and is used during the envisioning phase as the context for developing more detailed technical specifications and project management plans. It provides clear direction for the project team; outlines explicit, up-front discussion of project goals, priorities, and constraints; and sets customer expectations.


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