Functional Specification

The Functional Specification is the repository for the set of deep, technical drill-down documents that detail every element of the solution deliverables, explaining in exact and specific terms what the team is building and deploying.

The Functional Specification is the final technical document against which every development team member will build. The Functional Specification is built upon the foundation of 8 separate documents, which are summarized in the Functional Specification. You may choose to provide customers with all 9 documents (4 requirements document, 1 Usage Scenarios document, 3 design documents, plus the parent Functional Specification document), or you may simply choose to combine the requirements documents, usage scenarios, and design documents into a single Functional Specification with sub-topics. The eight foundational documents are:

1: Usage Scenarios
2: User Requirements
3: Business Requirements
4: Operations Requirements
5: System Requirements
6: Conceptual Design
7: Logical Design
8: Physical Design

The Functional Specification is in essence a contract between the customer and the team, describing from a technical view what the customer expects. The quality of the Functional Specification (completeness and correctness) has a significant impact on the quality of the development activities and all follow on phases.

MSF Envisioning

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