Feature Proposal Form

The Feature Proposal document is a form used to describe unique features individually. The form documents various attributes of a feature including:

-Feature Name:

What is being measured to define success?

-Business Case:
This section defines how the feature will help meet the focus area goals. If applicable, express this in financial terms. If applicable, describe how it helps increase customer or user satisfaction. This section should also identify the data used to develop this case.

-Customer Case:
This section describes theusers who will use this feature, and answers the following questions (as applicable):
•Does usage data support the need for this feature? Do users request it?
•Does it fix a support or operations or usability issue?
•Does a major competitor do this feature well?
•Do future features depend on it?
•Do other groups at Microsoft depend on it?
•What is the priority of the task it helps the user accomplish?
•Are there other requests that are comparable?

-Feature Description:
This section describes the feature characteristics most important to the solution; how it will look and act, how it works with other features, etc.


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