Master Project Plan

The Master Project Plan is the document into which all subsidiary plans (development, test, etc) are synchronized and presented together as a single plan.

It is important to distinguish this plan from the Microsoft® Project® .mpp file, which contains tasks, resources, and schedules, but not the qualitative information contained in many of the subsidiary plans.

The types of subsidiary plans included in this master plan will vary depending on the scope and type of project.

In MSF, the Master Project Plan is a collection (or “roll up”) of plans developed by the various teams (Program Management, Development, etc) and not an independent plan of its own. It usually contains summaries of each of the subsidiary plans. However, depending on the size of the project, some subsidiary plans may be entirely rolled into this document.

The benefits of presenting these subsidiary plans as one plan are that it:

•Facilitates an understanding of the overall approach to the project
•Facilitates reviews and approvals
•Helps identify gaps and inconsistencies

The benefit of having a plan that breaks into smaller plans is that it:

•Facilitates concurrent planning by various teams
•Clarifies accountability since the teams are each responsible for their own plans.


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