Monitoring Plan

The Monitoring Plan defines the process by which the operational environment will monitor the solution. It describes what will be monitored, what monitoring is looking for, how monitoring will be done, and how the results of monitoring will be reported and used. Customers use automated procedures to monitor many aspects of their solutions. Automated monitoring is a key best practice that enables identification of failure conditions and potential problems. Monitoring helps to reduce the time needed to recover from failures.

The plan will provide the details of the monitoring process, which will be incorporated into the functional specification. Once incorporated into the functional specification, the monitoring process (manual and automated) will be included in the solution design. Monitoring ensures that operators are made aware that a failure has occurred so they can initiate procedures to restore service. Additionally, some organizations monitor their servers’ performance characteristics to spot usage trends. This proactive best practice allows organizations to identify the conditions that contribute to system failure and take action to prevent those conditions from occurring.


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