Milestone Review Report

The Milestone Review Report summarizes the observations and findings of the project’s Milestone Review. This process is undertaken at transition points throughout the project to ensure quality and make necessary adjustments. A Milestone Review allows the project team to assess two aspects of the project: how it is being conducted and the quality of the project’s output. It provides an opportunity to learn from the project work that has transpired to date and to use that learning to improve the project.

The Milestone Review Process examines the current project status, identifies what has been successful to that point, pinpoints any problems or quality issues, determines the lessons learned, and makes specific recommendations on how to proceed.

Milestone Reviews should occur at each point where the team and customer must agree to proceed, thus signaling a transition from one phase into the next. These points are typically identified as Major Milestones. Additionally, doing reviews at interim and internal milestones serve as checkpoints for the project teams. The Project Post-Mortem, the final milestone review, rolls up a full assessment at the project’s conclusion.


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