Implement Your Goals...

In the last article we explored becoming comfortable with your desired goals. Now you that you’ve come to terms with your objectives and the effort and sacrifice that might be involved, you are now in a position to focus your efforts and energy on implementing your goals.

Before you proceed to implement your goal you need to benchmark your current situation by asking yourself a few questions such as:

· Am I satisfied with the direction of my career?

· What’s my next career move?

· Do I want a promotion within my organization?

· Do I want to change occupations?

· Do I want to stay in the same type of job but make more money?

The marketing plan you develop is a function of what you decide you want to do next. What will be the most effective method of achieving that particular goal?

Each goal will require a somewhat different approach. Actions that further yourself within the organization will differ from what you need to do to change occupations or organizations. It goes without saying, but I’ll remind you anyway, regardless of the direction you choose to pursue, continuing to perform at the highest level in your current situation is of the utmost importance.

Promotion Choice

If you feel a promotion within the organization would be the best move at this time, then you must analyze what steps you need to take to accomplish that goal. Do you have the requisite skills to move up the ladder? What have you accomplished that would justify a promotion? What kind of a relationship do you have with the level of management to which you aspire?

Your marketing plan would address each of these issues and any others that come to mind. If your skill set is lacking, then some course to improve it would be part of the plan. Assembling a portfolio of your accomplishments would be beneficial in demonstrating to management your ability to achieve at a high level and the good you could accomplish at an even higher level. Finding a way to fraternize with upper level management without appearing to be a sycophant would be appropriate for addressing upper level management relationship issues.

Organization Change

After evaluating your current situation you decide that moving to another organization would be more propitious at this time. This choice requires a whole different approach. You’ll be dealing with your existing skill set and qualifications. The obstacle you have to surmount is effectively bringing yourself to the attention of possible employers.

The first challenge is to frame your skills, qualifications and achievements in the best possible light; and make them available to the widest possible audience. Fortunately, the tools to achieve that end are now available at the number one business networking and recruiting site on the Internet—Linkedin. How to make the best use of those tools will be the subject of a future article.