DHC Vision (formerly CognoVision)

"DHC Vision is a Web-based document, process and project management system. Intelligent link management allows documents, business process models and project schedules to be linked together. The links between documents hold information that can be freely defined in DHC Vision (""intelligent links""). In DHC Vision documents are administered by version, status and language. MS Visio is integrated into DHC Vision for business process modeling tasks. The tight integration of DHC Vision and MS Visio turns Visio into a high-end modelling tool. MS project is integrated into DHC Vision to provide efficient project management features. Project schedules are created in MS Project, stored in DHC Vision and presented graphically on the Web. An interface to SAP gives SAP users the option of saving documents and process models in SAP DMS (Document Management System). A workflow can control the creation and editing of documents. All documents, models and schedules are stored in a relational database. DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants GmbH http://www.dhc-gmbh.com/ General Project Management Software"