Lesson 47 VBA Overview

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
• Define objects, classes, methods, properties, and events and identify these elements within the context of a Microsoft® Project basic application.
• Define a collection and give five examples of project collections.
• List the various data types available in Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA).
• Demonstrate how variables are defined with local, module, and public scope and how the lifetime of a local variable can be modified.
• Demonstrate how to get and set the value of an object property.
• Demonstrate how to use built-in constants when setting and retrieving object properties.
• Describe the function of the Macro Record command.
• Describe how to create and run macros.
• Describe how to attach macros to toolbars and menu items.
• Describe the basic control structures available in VBA.
• Describe the function of an error handler.
• Create an error handler.
• Successfully use the Module Editor Window interface to edit and debug VBA code.

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